Introduction to Journalism


Welcome to the Learning Site for Introduction to Journalism (JOURNAL 201). This site contains all of the micro-lectures for our Spring 2021 semester. The materials were created by Dr. Rodrigo Zamith and Dr. Kelsey Whipple to give you the conceptual foundation necessary to gain a broad understanding of this thing that we call “journalism.”

The site is organized by the week of the semester. There is a navigation panel on the left part of the page to help you quickly find the week you’re looking for. Within each week, there are four to six micro-lectures related to that topic. Within each micro-lecture, you will find video (top), text (middle), and audio (bottom) versions of the material. The content is the same for each version of the micro-lecture; multiple versions are offered to accommodate different learning styles. Additionally, you can use the search bar above the navigation panel to quickly locate the content you’re looking for.

Although the articulation of the content is original, the ideas have been inspired by the work of several experts within each content area. An incomplete listing of experts who helped shaped this course is available here.

Course Units

    Introducing the Course

    This unit consists of orientation material, and should be completed on Moodle.

    Key Terms

    This unit focuses on defining some of the key terms that we will be using over the course of the semester.

    Media Effects

    This unit focuses on theories about how journalistic media affect our understanding of the world.

    Influences on Journalistic Media

    This unit focuses on theories of the things that affect journalism production and distribution.

    Economics of Journalistic Media

    This unit focuses on the economic aspects of journalism production and distribution.

    News Audiences

    This unit focuses on the changing nature of news audiences, and how journalists understand and engage with them.

    History of U.S. Journalism

    This unit focuses on a historical examination of how journalism developed in the United States.

    Journalism Law and Ethics

    This unit focuses on the laws and ethical considerations involved in producing and distributing news.

    Preparing News Stories

    This unit focuses on the different types of news that are out there, and how to come up with story ideas.

    Interviewing Sources

    This unit focuses on best practices for identifying and interviewing sources for news stories.

    Creating News Content

    This unit focuses on the skills necessary to produce a written news story.

    Future of Journalism

    This unit focuses on the emerging trends and challenges in the field of journalism.


    This page contains information about the individuals and software that helped shape this site.

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